Monday, October 16, 2017


 Delhi is the national capital of India and portrayed as mini India. Delhi is rich in culture and heritage and known as famous tourist destination. Delhi has been framed as smart city and it is currently undergoing lot of development and infrastructure growth with the help of government and public private institution partnership. The aim of these projects is simple to make Delhi as a platform model for other states and display it as key to India growth and development for people visiting Delhi and also for its citizens who live in Delhi. Further the aim is to make Delhi as clean and green city which is through recycling and treatment of solid and liquid wastes. Under the Delhi smart city project, efforts are being taken to ensure that electricity and drinking water supply is available for 24 hours through the year and there is shortage of it. Government has taken up several projects which involve creating infrastructure and roads as per the global standards and providing efficient public transport system to connect Delhi-NCR region. This is some of the things which I have highlighted and there is much more to it which is yet to be implemented.
The real scene is something different and we are just in the beginning of this development phase to make Delhi as smart city. Government had taken a big responsibility but most of this in the papers and yet to fully functional and implemented. We all know that corruption and miss-management are main factors which cause hindrance to such great projects and lead to slow the pace of project and leads to loss of resources and funds allocated for important tasks. We have seen that Swatch Bharat project has made some impact in Delhi and improved the condition when it comes to cleanliness but it is still a big task. We are already loosing lot of money and time which piles up in millions and this happens due to damage roads and traffic. However it is not the fault of the government only and we as citizens must also do something to give back to the country and city where we are born and live.

I feel really surprised to see the change in attitude and behaviour when we Indians travel to foreign country and abide by rules and regulations. But we do not like to keep our surroundings clean and follow the traffic rules in our own country. It is time that we all should rise and stand up for helping the government aim to make Delhi as smart city which can become example for other countries as well. 

We must join hands with government and other such bodies to welcome their moves to improve our standard of living. Vodafone is one of the companies which have taken the big step to start up few projects which are related to reducing pollution and using alternate source of energy to save environment. They have created Air-Purifying bus shelter in the city so that people waiting for the bus are not affected by smoke and dirt. It is Diwali time and we consider it as our main festival. We celebrate it with burning lot of crackers which create noise and air pollution. It is well known the fact that Delhi is already one of the most polluted cities in the world and these crackers add more to pollution. We all are educated and should prevent such celebration and think of our health and environment. Vodafone has also made an effort to lead a way by educating everyone about Green Diwali.They have planned super crackers which comes with eco-friendly plant seeds. I am already supporting them and decided to say "NO" to crackers this diwali and in future too. Other major initiative is that Vodafone has created many wifi zones in the city for helping youth and everyone to connect to internet and connect with each other.It is time to take oath to make our surrounding better place to live in.

You can further visit them for more information about their projects-

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Selling MySmart Lifeline

There is not a single day or moment when I am leaving my home without a cell phone. I have been brought up in the age where cell phone and technology has been making up digital revolution and there is no looking back. You can feel it when you see people gazing out at their Smartphone and more interested in checking out their whatsapp messages and updating their social profile. Smartphone craze has taken over generations and help us to be online even when we do have our laptop or desktop.
I remember getting my first Nokia handset phone which just hand mobile number and snake ladder game in it. It was there when we had to switch from pagers and use it for calling and buy a data pack was expensive option at that time. After the Nokia phone there were many more companies joining to bring smart phones with touch screen and exclusive features for users. I wanted to buy my first touch screen phone but it was out of my budget and so I had to collect funds and save pocket money for buying my first touch screen phone. It was an HTC phone which was my first touch screen phone which I kept using it for sometime before switching to a more upgraded version. I had kept my first Smartphone for many years as I did not wanted to sell it back as it had many emotional messages and memories with it. My family member would often say to sell it and give it before it becomes obsolete and no one buys it but I was adamant and never wanted to give it just for some financial earning.
Few months ago I decided to check my drawer and get off my old stuff. I found the HTC phone which had broken screen with touch and much very doubtful whether to find any taker or not. I gave a demo to two of my friends who were interested in getting a cheap phone but rejected it after the condition. Then I decided to publish the details of the Smartphone and sell online but no calls or messages. Then I thought to give it for free to someone in need and may be that could help for that poor fellow. One day then I got multiple messages from some guy in Mumbai who wanted that phone. I honestly told the guy about the phone condition and it looks. He was still interested in buying the model and I was surprised to hear that he was willing to give me more than half the price of that Smartphone. I was very anxious to know about the thing which made him attracted to this phone neglecting its old version and technology. I decided to give him the Smartphone at less cost and without any shipping charges when he told me about his love for collecting HTC phones and passion to gadgets. He further told me that he had collection of more than fifteen Smartphone of that company and his aim to collect all models.
I am very much amazed to see that such people do exist who have love and passion for old things and want to collect such old phones as memento. I salute the guy and was also happy that my old phone is going in the right hands where it will be more safe and protective as ever. 

I am glad to get right buyer for my phone but it is not so easy to find the buyer for your old phone in today world unless you are giving in very less price.I would recommend that you can also try out this #CleanUpCashOut with which is best way to sell mobiles with instant cash. You can download their app and also use this coupon code CLEANCASH to get Rs. 250 extra on sale of your gadgets.

Giving Up my First Smartphone

My life has totally changed from the day when I was introduced to my smartphone.I remember buying my first handheld device after clearing my secondary board exams. It was really a dream come true moment for me when I had my first phone. As the technology progressed I had to shift and move with the innovative technology of Smartphone with camera and all other extra features which made my life so simple and easy. It was blessing and pride to hold the Smartphone for anyone when people started to get rid of their pagers and landlines. The digital transformation was already started and it was huge leap in the way we communicate with each other.

My passion was Smartphone was at peek as I used to change these phones every six months and so until I realised that I had a cupboard filled with more than five Smartphone. I did not know what to do about these packs of phone lying in the drawer and could not find the solution. Then one day my old friend came to my house who was gadgets expert too. I had called him to learn about making use of latest Smartphone and understanding its unique features. After giving the solution to my technical questions I asked him some advice about my old phone and he just told me to get rid of them before the technology moves to new level and then it may become obsolete. I did not pay much attention to him at that time but soon realised in another few months that he was right and Smartphone software and application were changing at fast rate. Then one day while cleaning my drawer I took all the phones out and put them on my table and started thinking about the sweet memories and moments with them. I had branded phones of HTC, Samsung, Nokia and other brands. I called my friend again and he told me to try to visit the nearby retailer and sell them or exchange with the new device.

I went to the local market and the shopkeeper told that these entire phones were out of date and no one would buy and he could only offer me 25% of the retail price. I was not happy at all and went further to another retailer and got similar offers. I was just pissed off and then talked to my cousin who told to sell this phone online as May e-commerce site were offering platform to put the ad and sell the devices. I tried and put the Smartphone pictures and offered my device at 50% rate. I was getting calls from different buyers and finally was successful in striking the deal with one person in Noida. We decided to meet at the common point and with cash exchange in for the old HTC phone. I was little afraid as it was totally new experience for me and decided to take my body builder brother with me in case the buyer tries to be smart and run away with my device. I was getting all negative thoughts in my mind while going at the common point which was a Paan shop. I was standing there with my brother and having Paan while waiting for the customer to arrive. I stood there and then a car stopped and two people came out. They were having good physique and came directly to me. We had good conversation while I was having Goosebumps in my mind. He checked the phone and was satisfied with the device. I gave him the documents and then he took out the money and gave to me. Suddenly from nowhere a police man was coming directly to us and I thought that he would catch us and put it in jail as we were doing something illegal but then his direction changed and he wanted to have some paan and cold drink.

I still remember this incident and laugh about it about my first deal. All the money exchanged for phone helped to buy a new device for my mother as a birthday gift.

I am sure everyone is looking to sell their old phone and so they can also try out this #CleanUpCashOut with which is best way to sell mobiles with instant cash. You can download their app and also use this coupon code CLEANCASH to get Rs. 250 extra on sale of your gadgets.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Be Healthy Be Happy

Through this blog, I would like to share some tips with my viewers in order to spread awareness about simple and natural way to be healthy. At certain times, I felt depressed due to personal problems and job stress factor. But somehow I would give credit to my family members who have given me full support and gave me solution to join gym and yoga to find the internal peace and calmness in life. I was upset but when I started doing yoga, I felt the positive vibes and more confidence in myself. Slowly and steadily it improved my health and made me stronger and gave me courage to fight against challenges of life.
Our health is wealth and it is important to consume good and healthy diet. We should have breakfast which is the first meal of the day and then eat something throughout the day. The simplest cure for our skin and hair is to use lemon mixed with oil as it eliminates hair dandruff and makes skin look smooth and soft. We should use garlic and honey paste and wash our face after every few hours. This brings instant glow to the skin and act as natural bleacher. Dust can lead to pimples and blackheads and in such a case aloe Vera is the best remedy. In the age of Information Technology, we have dark circles which is big problem for people who work for hours sitting in front of computer. The best way to tackle the issue is to take some ice cubes and cucumber and rub it under the eyes to improve blood circulation and remove dead skin. We must use natural herbs and Ayurveda medicines as it strengthens body immune system and considered as one stop solution to healthy body.
There is increasing pollution and adulteration effect all over the world, Acne and other skin problems have increased multiple times and there has been rise in number of cases of health problems. We all suffer skin problem and it has been on my face right from childhood and has caused so much trouble in my early stage of life. One of the best natural solutions to this issue is using mixture of Multan mite and rose water. This is one of most successful formula till now and it really helps to reduce pimple and fight against germs, pollution and remove excess oil from face. 
I like the positive atmosphere and connect to environment every day when I am doing Yoga and I forget my stress and worries. All this helps me live a better and healthy life.

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Being Healthy and Staying Fit

Being Healthy and Staying Fit are key mantra of life and we should take care of your health before it is very late and then regret forever. In this blog I would like to give some important advice which I follow and can help you to stay healthy. You must wake up early in morning and then go on an early morning walk in the nearby park. This will make your body fit and you will I feel more active and also feel less tired throughout the whole time of day. Waking early morning helps to freshen the body and also makes the organs fit. These two things have really helped a lot to me and keeps me charged up throughout the day.

We all should take care of our body and be happy always. It is good to stay calm and be positive. We need to give massage as it very important for the growth of the bones. Giving massage with oil has both emotional as well as physical benefits. It leads to increase in the blood circulation in the body and help to increase the blood flow and make the body healthy.In order to take care of your hair, you must use lemon mixed with oil in an effective way as it does not harm hair and helps in growth due to its natural properties. We should also use oil and honey paste and wash after every few hours. This brings instant glow to the hair and act as natural bleacher and removes dirt. We should always give coconut oil massage or rose water with fruit pack for clean and clear skin.
Our skin is very soft and sensitive to external environment and so it requires more attention and care. It means that we should be using the right product which is authentic and trusted. This means that we should not buy local products or cheap bad quality products like soaps or creams as it can be harmful to children skin and hurt their skin or create rashes.It is important that you must consume good and healthy food. It should be simple diet without much oil or spice. We all like to eat very yummy and tasty food but it is not recommended to eat it every day as it contains a lot of cholesterol which is not good for health and body. We should have such diet that it is easy to digest and give us energy while making it healthy and delicious at the same time.
These small things can make a big difference in your lifestyle.

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Sunday, September 10, 2017

#LOVEJATAO with Pyaare Grandfather

I consider my grandfather as someone who is known for his exceptional qualities and who has made a huge impact on your lifestyle and has something very missionary which brings youthful energy and positive in around the atmosphere. Everyone has some or the other person in life who is the idol and has all the mentioned qualities. In my life too, I have my lovely Grandfather who has made a very huge impact with his self belief and giving me strength to move up the ladder and undeniably #madeofgreat.
I respect him due to his excellence achievement while completing his duty of thirty years in PWD department as an employee. He retired with outstanding record and never indulged in corruption or dishonest behaviour. In fact it was due to this attitude he was one of the senior most respected person who was considered part of decision making process. I love my grandfather for his service to humanity and putting family, friends, and work as his first choice. One of the instances which I feel proud of him is he saved life of many animals and specially stray dogs and still make sure that they get the right treatment. He always tries to help environment and motivate people to go green and plant trees in the surrounding community. His ideology means to have discipline in life and never give up attitude. I love his quality of treating everyone in an equal way and no bias on basis of sex or race. He does not believe in reservation and always motivated my grandma to not leave the education and even stressed her to get a degree and finally she become a teacher.
Here is a small one on one interview which will inspire millions of young people as my great grandfather talks about himself and his life.There is small video for my #LOVEJATAO dadu!

My father tells me about many of instances about my grandfather about how he kept our family together and fulfill their needs at time of financial crises in the family and was successful in every situation and gave everyone education and fulfill everyone needs. Now he is retired person and gets a very less pension but I found it really amazing whenever someone knocks the door for some charity or money, he is always there to give some part of money and never let them go empty handed. I have seen him going regularly to Gurudwara to clean the nearby temple and distributing bread and food to the poor every month which shows how great he is and this really makes me proud of my grandfather. I admire him as a perfect role model for his dedication to family and work.He has impressed me by his excellence to maintain a professional approach both in his personal lifestyle.

Wish you very happy Grandparents Day!

I look forward to hear from you how would you celebrate Grandparents Day. Do share a selfie with your grandparents on Sept. 10, 2017 on Twitter or Facebook with #LoveJatao & tag @blogadda to win a goodie from Parachute Advansed.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Learning English Language Made Easy

There is saying that life is all about survival of the fittest and who can change and adapt according to the world environment. This also holds true when it comes to communication and our way of engaging with other in today world. English is the language of past, present and future and holds the key to the modern world.

English language is not that tough and difficult. It just takes some motivation and courage accompanied by right resources which can help you to achieve the goal to get command over this language. I am personally sharing my own experience that even my English was also not up to the mark and I had to struggle a lot. There were not enough guidance and coaching in my childhood but my parents were always behind me who encouraged me to try my best. One day my father gave me a dictionary as a gift and told me to keep on reading and write few words every day. I am thankful that his idea really worked for me and I was able to learn new words and able to make sentences very easily. My mother also helped me in learning as she would bring English videos and would talk in English. This gave me enough confidence to speak up in English and interact easily.

I always feel that uneducated people in India are unaware of their rules and rights due to lack of education and we see English language has slowly become mainstream language in India. Hence, it is important for society to understand the role of English language. I consider it is important for everyone below the certain age should be able to read and write in English plus get basic minimum education.

It is great to know that Nihar Shanti Amla’s new Paathshala campaign has taken a big step by setting up the service by just calling on the toll free number 8055667788. This will really help the youngsters to focus on getting English language education who cannot afford school fees. We also know that government has started various policies which encourages parents to send their child to school but still they are not been implemented properly. This is certainly extraordinary learning experience. I like this innovative idea where main focus is on getting education and it does not matter whether there is a proper school building or a permanent address. I guess we all should share this idea with our friends and others as it will lead to magical transformation in life of children who are looking to get through the English language.

I hope everyone who reads my blog post and try to follow the tips which could help and benefit them in improving their English language skills and do give a call on toll free number 8055667788. 

“I am blogging about Pathshala Funwala by Nihar Shanti Amla Oil in association with BlogAdda

Pathshala Funwala

Communication is the way of life and develop relations with other. We all know about importance of English language which is global language and one needs to learn this language in order to survive this tough world. I was brought up in the area where Hindi was mother tongue and main tool of communication. So I had to face lot of difficulties in the starting when I moved to metro town. People often used to make fun of me in the new school and my interaction was very limited and felt alone. But then I took the decision to get rid of my fear with English and learn this language.

After getting a proper coaching under very professional staff and expert people, I felt really satisfied after the getting the grasp of English language and this was only possible due to my confidence and constant guidance from my mentor that helped me to achieve proficiency. As a part of training many activities were performed as well as making presentations. I also got a chance to deliver lecture in English to my fellow colleagues and build some sort of relationship. Further I also took up the challenge to be the perfect host and help college in event preparation and everything related to i.e. am really lucky to get right education lesson which are valuable and this is key thing will focus for rest of my life. Learning English also helped me in getting Internship in reputed company and helped in getting stipend or my first earning and I had tears in my eyes. It was some thousand rupees but it had me very much emotional and sensitive. I could not believe that I was paid for my work and my job.

One of main learning lessons during the coarse were about key aspects of English pronunciation and how it plays a very important part in corporate world to be successful and there is a proper communication so that message is clear and we can learn about consumer behaviour and adapt to changing environment. I would like to give advice to the young people who are still in process of learning this language that always try to talk in English irrespective of whether you speak it correctly or not. Another advice is that you should read English newspapers regularly which will broaden your skills and learn about new words.

Nihar Shanti Amla Oil has also started Pathshala Funwala’s campaign which is amazing way to spread and educate in English language. You can find out more from the toll-free number 8055667788 which can help you or someone in need to learn English.I feel this service is going to be beneficial for my cousin and my mother too who are going abroad.This way we all can learn and educate ourself in English language.

“I am blogging about Pathshala Funwala by Nihar Shanti Amla Oil in association with BlogAdda

Friday, January 27, 2017


Family relationship and sharing a good bonding matters the most when it comes to building relationship. This could directly affect your family, close friends and business partners.My mother taught me to speak the truth, maintain transparency and dedication in everything you do in your life. We are taught in the school about moral values and ethics and being honest. But at certain times, we have to hold back the right statement and remain silent and this is something which test our nerves and check our relationship status. It becomes really difficult at times to tell the truth when the situation and environment is not right.

Talking about myself ,there have been many such instances in life when did not speak the truth when it was the time and when I took the courage to tell the truth, the results were not good at first instance but resulted in better outcomes which was completely opposite to my perception.It was critical moment for me and my sister when one such situation came early in my life.It was her marriage ceremony and she had taken a break from her work and gone out with her new family members.She was very happy and delighted to move into her new stage of life and we were as happy too.It was a very joyful mood all around us.It was really a great feeling.Then came the marriage day and she was all set in her makeover to become a bride.But there was some sad news in family as one of the cousin met with some accident and my father had to go somewhere during those important moments when she was getting married.It was testing times as she was keen on seeing him again and again but we would give some or the other illogical reason and told her that he would be here any moment of time.She kept on asking but we knew it would make situation more worse and critical.She was annoyed at me hiding the facts but later when she came to know about the actual situation,she hugged me tightly and was proud of me.I was also sorry to her for telling the lie but that was only good for her and it was very important auspicious time for her and I did not wanted to ruin it at any cost.I am happy that everything in her marriage went in calm and smooth way.
It is such relationships which matters the most where we have good understanding and love for each other.The other person has good tuning and ignore the small reasons and clear the matter right away.

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#MagicOfWarmth Moments

Sometimes small criticism or change can bring a new revolution in this world and no better example is when you get the magic of warmth from your near and their unconditional love. They think about me and care for me without any expectation. I am happy with my life which comes with full freedom and no commitments. And all this happen due to warm blessing and my parents love.

 I want to share my story with you regarding how the small warmth of touch moment changed my life completely.I share my pimple story which has been on my face right from childhood and has caused so much trouble in my life. It has been following me everywhere and school, college affecting my face value and personality. At the early stage, I often used to go in the front of mirror and try to prick the pimple so that it could disappear quickly but just after few hours, I could find another one coming and thick pigment would evolve which gave rise to many more. I hate pimples on my face as it lowers my self confidence and people start staring at me and often try to make fun of me. In my school, pimples used to be the cause and reason when my class mates used to bully me and tried to call me with weird name. Also when going for a college trip or a family photograph, I always prefer to stand behind and hide my face or use glasses and other things to avoid getting a bad picture. Even when I had to get my passport size photograph for the interview and other important documents, I had to use Adobe Acrobat and other computer software to get my pimples outlined and has a clear face.

Then a point came where I felt to close all the doors and cry. But my sister came to rescue me with her pair of warm hand which she put to my head and told me to stay calm. She made me changed my mind and told me to think positive rather than brooding too much about it. Her yoga lessons and simple remedies made my face look clear and pimple free. Their care for me and looking after me act as an extra element like a special protection layer. It helps to take our relationship to the next level and speak out their emotions for me.
This warmth and taking care of each other in different situations has really been my strength. A small hand of someone and close can do so much to our life which we realize only later.

“I’m blogging about my #MagicOfWarmth moment at BlogAdda in association with Parachute Advansed Hot Oil

Friday, September 30, 2016

Growing Heart in Right Direction

Technology is growing very rapidly and so is the life. Everyone wants to grow themselves into a better and stronger person both socially as well as financially. This seems good well enough but in order to do so we forget to take care of our health. Good health which is the key to living a happy life lacks in most of the people nowadays. It has become usual for college students to stay awake till odd hours and then wake up late in the morning. This makes their life full of stress. Since, they do not have proper sleep and also their average sleep hours decreases they feel stressed out very frequently and are not able to cope up even with a moderate pressure task in their daily lives.Heart and health are interlinked and related thus caring for health is indirectly caring for your heart.

So Firstly, I would like to advice everyone who is a patient of sleep shortage to take a proper -8 hours of sleep as it helps to increase the concentration of brain. Try to sleep at 10 in the night so as to wake up early in the morning. Waking early morning helps to freshen the body and also makes the organs fit. This has really helped a lot to me and keeps me motivated throughout the day.
Second thing that I would like to emphasize on is the diet that most of the younger generation is into. Nowadays, people are more into eating junk food instead of having a healthy balanced diet. Balanced diet is very much essential in daily life because it fulfills all sorts of need that a person has. It has enough proteins which is required for power in the body. It also has carbohydrates and strength which is why a balanced diet is called the power house food. It also contains enough vitamins and minerals so as to protect us from diseases. Also, lagging of such nutrients in the body leads to deficiency problems which take the face of serious diseases such as hair fall, skin diseases, weakening of bones. Also it helps to be active throughout the day as eating perfect amount and type of food prevents you from being lazy.

The last advice from my side is to do yoga.Yoga really works in reality to make you happy from inside. It teaches patience and internal calmness. When a person has internal peace then he has the power to struggle through the difficult situations of life. And this type of a person is sure to reach his destination however time it may take but success is promised to him. 

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Healthy Ways to Enjoy Life

We are living in the 21st century, life is fast enough for enjoying the modern wonders of life. We run each day without even knowing about the race we are a part of. People think it is very difficult to survive, these are the ones who feel happy when they reach their destination however only few are the ones who really enjoy the whole journey. This phenomena has affected most of the teens nowadays.To all who think this I want to say that "Health is Wealth". This is a very common line, which you may have heard almost a hundred times but do you actual feel the meaning behind this simple and popular line? If not, then there are two options left for you. The first is to accept it and work on having good health and the second is to discard it and soon you will yourself understand it with improper health effects on living conditions.

If you do not take care of your health then your heart is going to suffer and will lead to serious condition which you will regret forever.This is not the scenario who want to achieve in life and rather would want to stay healthy and be positive in life.You will not get many chances in life when it comes down to heart and yes it aways hearts to you and your close family members.You cannot ignore the symptoms and cannot much do after the condition is critical but what you can do is take a early precaution and be the early bird right before the diseases and heart problems catches you.

I have some serious advice, u can accept and implement them in your daily lives if you find them useful.Try to wake up early in the morning. It was the most difficult things for me to implement. I used to live in a hostel where the culture speaks of sleeping around 4 in the morning, leave of waking up at 6am. However, once I made it a habit I really enjoyed watching the birds flying with cool air flowing through my ears. I really energizes me and motivates me to do great things in life.Second, I started to go on an early morning walk in the college ground. It really helped me to make my body fit. I feel more active and also feel less tired throughout the day.Try to go to bed on time. It helps to sleep well and have a sleep of at least 8 hours a day which increases the concentration of mind. These are few things that I have tried to implement in life. 

“I am joining the Saffolalife #ChhoteKadam initiative in association with BlogAdda and follow these small steps for a healthy heart.”